I love a theme, and I love Toy Story!  What fun to create an entire birthday party menu with a Toy Story theme!  As I said in a previous post, my child just turned 2.  We celebrated with his favorite friends – Woody, Buzz, and the entire Toy Story Gang! I’ve got all the details about our party decor here, but now it’s time to focus on the food!

Toy Story Birthday Party Food

The party was at lunch time, so a meal needed to be served.  What meal goes better with a Toy Story theme than pizza from Pizza Planet?!?

Lunch Menu

Ok, so it wasn’t really from Pizza Planet, but the Domino’s pizza we ordered didn’t mind playing the part. A couple of pizza planet logos printed ou and glued to either side of card stock did the trick!In addition to the pizza, we had “Slinky Dog Mac-n-Cheese.”  I used rotini and these convenient little packets of Kraft Velveeta cheese sauce.  So easy and mostly delicious!
Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head also made an appearance on the lunch bar.  Chips and dip go great with pizza!

The Sweets Table

As a little *wink* for the grown-ups, we had “Ken and Barbie’s Fruity Kabobs.”  I’m sure Ken would be flattered.I just love a decorated sugar cookie, but they can be so time consuming.  Plus, I don’t have mad royal icing decorating skills.  It was easy to keep these simple with a star-shaped cookie cutter, some yellow icing, and a little yellow decorating sugar.  Everyone enjoyed the “You’re My Favorite Deputy Cookies,” including Woody himself!I have a confession to make.  I used shot glasses at my 2 year old’s birthday party.  But, how cute are these little plastic boots I got from Amazon?  I made cupcakes, kept the icing simple and easy, and popped a shot glass on top with gummy worm inside and called them “There’s a Snake in My Boot Cupcakes”!  Those cute little characters can be found on Amazon, as well. BAM approved of the “snakes”!

Bullseye’s Watering Hole

Bullseye himself manned the drink table.  We mostly had soft drink and water bottles, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have “To InfiniTEA and Beyond.”All of the food was a big hit, even though it was pretty simple.  All of our guests enjoyed the food, but most importantly, BAM got to eat all of his favorites on his birthday!
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I had so much with this theme…now, what theme should I do next year?  I’m sure it will be a Disney one!

Thanks to creative contributor, Mandee M., for this delicious post!