Must Do Quick Service Restaurants at Disney World

When planning a Disney trip, or any trip for that matter, one thing you always think about is what you are going to eat. At Disney World, there are plenty of table service restaurants, but what if you want to get something quick? Well, you are in luck! There are quick service restaurants all over Disney World.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

If you like seafood, then a wonderful place to try is Yorkshire County Fish Shop. It is located in the World Showcase part of Epcot in the United Kingdom. You just walk up to the counter and order some fish and chips, a drink, and a cookie and carry it to your table. It is delicious! There is outdoor seating for this quick service restaurant. One of the coolest parts about going here is the people that work there. Only people from the United Kingdom work there. You could be talking to someone from England, Ireland, Wales, or Scotland! Listen out for their incredible accents.Epcot has some of the best quick service restaurants at Disney World.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

When you visit Magic Kingdom, a good choice for a quick service restaurant is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café over in Tomorrowland. This is an excellent choice if you are in the mood for good old-fashioned American food. They have choices from hot dogs, to burgers, to barbecue, to chicken. Once you have ordered and acquired your food at the counter, you can go to the toppings bar and get all of the condiments you need. If you want to watch the fireworks show at night but have no dinner plans beforehand, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is a great choice.

ABC Commissary

The ABC Commissary is another quick service restaurant where you can get American food. It is located at Hollywood Studios. The interior is cool, both in temperature and design, and the decor of trees and plants offsets the art deco patterns in the floor and seating areas. You can order ribs, chicken sandwiches, salads, fish, burgers, and fries. On my last visit, I enjoyed a giant Darth Vader cupcake, perfect for chocolate lovers!Best quick service restaurants at Disney World include Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom.

Flame Tree BBQ

If you love BBQ, then Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom is the place to go! Order yourself a BBQ sandwich, baked beans, and jalapeno cornbread, and you’ll have a delicious meal. They also have chicken and salads if barbecue isn’t for you. Grab some BBQ and find a table in the shade! Plenty of outdoor seating makes this restaurant a great spot for families!Want to know the best Quick Service Restaurants at Disney World? There are so many to choose from! We've listed a few of our favorites and why we think you'll love them too. Check out our list and see if it matches yours!

Plenty of Options

All of these restaurants are wonderful, but there are so many more to choose from. Do your research to see what best suits you and your family. It is worth considering the parks or resorts you want to visit before deciding on which restaurant to eat at. One thing you will learn is that you will never go hungry at Disney World! Eat up and enjoy!

Thanks to our contributor Bailey for this post!