Packing for your upcoming Disney vacation probably seems daunting. From the Mickey Ears, to the personalized shirts, to the “bare necessities”, you’re bound to forget something. I always start laying things out a couple of weeks in advance. I make lists to make sure nothing gets left behind. So what are some must pack items for Disney vacations? Keep reading to find out more!

Must Pack Items for Disney Vacations

There a few items that I never leave behind for my Walt Disney World vacation. Disney is like its own little world.  When I go on other vacations I always know if I leave small items behind, that I can run to the local grocery store and pick them up.  It’s not quite that easy when staying on Disney property.  Below are a few items that I feel are necessary, and make your vacation a little easier.

Cleaning Supplies

The first item is one I try to take on any vacation where I stay in a hotel.  Most hotels don’t have hand soap for the bathrooms.  As a self-proclaimed “germaphobe”, I carry my own hand soap when staying in a hotel.  It helps me to feel a little less…well, gross.

Your room at Disney will be your everything – bed, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  You may carry your own water bottle into the parks, or you may have kiddos that come with a slew of things for you to carry each day.  Most vacations last several days, so it is helpful to pack your own dish detergent.  You can wash those daily water bottles or other daily items when you get back to your room at night.  Definitely helps when, once again, you are a “germaphobe” like me.

Self Care Items

When walking around the parks at Walt Disney World you are more than likely going to get blisters.  I don’t care what shoes you pack.  Yes, Band-Aids can be helpful, but I have recently opted for Moleskin or a likened product.  This really helps to prevent the rubbing inside your shoes.  I used it on my last trip after I ran 26.2 miles during the Walt Disney World Marathon, followed by three full days in the park.  Talk about a lifesaver.

If you are like me and have special dietary needs it is essential to pack the items you need. Also, if you prefer certain flavorings or items for your food and drink you might also want to pack those. I currently don’t eat dairy so I have packed my own dairy free creamer for my morning cup of joe. I also prefer stevia over other sweeteners, so I packed that as well. Disney is very accommodating, but it makes life easier to know you have the items you need and want.

The All Important Bag

Last and certainly not least, people always ask me what bag(s) I take into the park each day.  Back pack? Shoulder bag? What?  I always take my trusty hiking “fanny pack”.  It will hold a water bottle, has compartments for maps/cards/ID, and sits on my lower back so as to not cause pain to my shoulders like other bags.  My family and I have also been taking the collapsible free bags you get from basically any road running race.  We will pack snacks and other water bottles in this bag.  The best part is that if you eat all of your snacks before the end of the day, this bag can fold up and fit in men’s cargo shorts, or into another bag you take into the park.  It is also not bulky when riding the rides.  These two bags combined make the perfect duo…especially if you don’t have little ones with a lot of needed items.

All in all, we each have our own preferences for what we pack when going to Walt Disney World.  For me, these five items are must haves, and go with me each time I pack for my magical trip.  Who knows, maybe they will make it into your suitcase for your next trip, too.Packing for a Disney vacation can be stressful! What should you pack? What should you not pack? Don't forget anything with our handy list of must pack items! #disneyworld #wdw #vacations #travel #packing #packingtips #traveltips

Thanks to contributor, Kimberly C., for this informative post!