Going to Disney is a celebration in and of itself. But what if you are going to celebrate a special event? You may wonder what you can to do to make the celebration even more special. These are our best tips for how to celebrate at Walt Disney World.

How to Celebrate at Walt Disney World

A few years back, my family and I went to Disney to celebrate several different occasions – college graduation, a first marathon, and my grandmother’s 80th birthday! We had so many happy events to celebrate, and we wanted to make it special. Follow these tips to make your celebration every more special!

Know Before You Go

Before you arrive make sure to check out Disney’s In-Room Celebrations. You are able to have decorations and gifts waiting on you any day during your stay.Celebrate at Walt Disney WorldYou can even personalize your celebrations – from a specific theme to specific items included in your “celebration” gift, it can be tailor made especially for your loved one. From Frozen to Pirates to Classic Minnie and Mickey, you can’t go wrong with In-Room Celebrations.

FREE Celebration Buttons

Your Disney Resort will start you off on a great foot when you arrive. Celebrate at Walt Disney World with free buttons at your resort desk.Celebration buttons are available for pick up when you check in. Make sure to pack various colors of Sharpies to write and decorate the buttons. Personalize it with whatever event you may be there to celebrate!

Make Matching Shirts

My personal favorite way to celebrate at Disney is with personalized and matching shirts. You can wear matching shirts on any Disney vacation, but matching shirts advertising your big event is so fun!For my grandmother’s 80th birthday we all had matching shirts that said “Celebrating Mawmaw’s 80th Birthday.” The amount of “Happy Birthdays” my grandmother got on her special day was so amazing; we all felt like she was being treated like a celebrity that day.Celebrate a birthday at Walt Disney World with personalized shirts. Looking back on pictures we have such fond memories of that day and the fun we had walking around as a big posse celebrating my “Mawmaw.”

Making a special event magical while at Disney is pretty easy. The magic pours out of everything while on Disney property, butt there are ways to make it even more special.Disney World is a great place to celebrate! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or something else special, we've got some great tips. Find out how to celebrate at Walt Disney World and use our tips to plan your perfect vacation! #disneytravel #disneytips #celebrateatdisney #birthday #anniversary With a little bit of planning, your special someone will have a once in a lifetime experience to celebrate their special occasion.

Thanks to contributor Kimberly C. for this happy post!