Easy DIY Disney Shirts

We all know going to the Disney Parks isn’t cheap. Even doing Disney on a budget is a big chunk of change! I would rather waste any of my budget on $30 shirts for each member of the family for every day we are there. I LOVE the matching shirts (I’m a sucker for a theme), but I don’t love the cost. Lucky for me, I love to craft and I own an embroidery machine and a Silhouette Cameo. I know not everyone has those tools, or even finds joy in the crafts, so I’ve come up with a DIY shirt that anyone can make!


  • T-shirt with or without a pocket
  • Scrap of black fabric
  • Scrap of fabric in any color or pattern of choosing
  • Heat-n-bond
  • Iron
  • Mickey Head pattern
  • Pocket pattern
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine


Getting Started

Once you’ve gathered your materials, begin by cutting your patterns out. Click on the pattern titles in the materials list and print each piece. Just cut around the solid lines and set aside for now. If your t-shirt has a pocket, no need to cut that pattern out!

Next, iron a small piece of the Heat-n-bond to the BACK of the black fabric. Pin your Mickey Head pattern to the front of the fabric and cut around the edges.

Now fold the fabric for your pocket with the RIGHT sides facing each other so that you can cut 2 pieces at once. Pin the pocket pattern to the front and cut around the edges.

Sew around the edge, leaving a ¼-inch edge. Leave a gap (pictured) so that you can turn your pocket right-side-out. Trim each corner (see picture) before turning it so that the corners won’t puff up. Use a pencil to poke the corners into place. Fold the unsewn edge and press it with the iron so it will stay put. All of your pieces are now ready to be assembled!


Finishing Your Project

Peel the paper backing off of Mickey’s head. You should see the shiny Heat-n-bond on the back now. Arrange your Mickey and pocket on your shirt before you begin to make sure of placement. (I typically place pockets 7” down from the shoulder seam and centered between the middle of the collar and the sleeve/armpit seam, but sometimes I eyeball it too! Again, if your tee already has a pocket, just place Mickey so that he is peeking out the pocket.) Now press Mickey into place. You can leave Mickey as-is, or stitch around the edge to give it a more finished look. Warning: stitching curves can get tricky!

Now you’re ready to add the pocket! Pin the top of the pocket to the t-shirt to make sure you have it placed just right. Pin each side and the bottom, as well. Now start sewing! Use a machine or just a needle and thread. Remember to leave the top open! It IS a pocket after all.


Now try on your t-shirt and admire your own handiwork. Congratulations! You’ve just made a one-of-a-kind shirt and you saved a ton of money!

Thanks Mandee for your super cute craft! If you end up making one, be sure to share it with us! For more fun Disney shirt ideas, check out some of our other great posts here.