The Easter Bunny was always super creative at my house as a child. (Side note: My mother would have OWNED Pinterest if that had been a thing back then!).  When I woke up on Easter morning my dyed eggs and first clue were in my basket.  Creatively written clues and small treats led me throughout the house (and sometimes outside too) on a hunt for the big prize!

Disney Themed Easter Hunt

I’ve decided to help E.B. out this year and write some Disney themed clues for him to leave at my house. Check out all the great details for this Disney themed Easter hunt below!Printable images featuring the Disney themed Easter hunt clues.

Basket Ideas

It isn’t hard to find plenty of Disney themed items to stuff in a basket.  My son is in love with most things Disney, so we are going with a variety.  I’ve got Mickey-shaped eggs to stuff, some Toy Story mini figures, Disney character wrapped candies and stickers, Disney Crayola items, and a new Buzz Lightyear for his big surprise.Creative hiding places like the pantry make this Easter hunt a fun one!Some of the clues will match what I’ve hidden, but not all of them.  It isn’t necessary!

How to Use the Clues

The first clue is always in the Easter basket.  Fill the basket with some fluff and maybe some dyed eggs and nestle your first clue there.The rest of the clues need to be placed in a prominent way in the hiding spots.  Little ones can get overwhelmed with excitement as they find each prize, so make sure the next clue can be easily seen.

The Clues!

I’ve included some of the clues I’ve some up with along with their locations.  The order doesn’t matter (except the final prize) – it is completely up to you; and you don’t even need to use them all. To get your clues, click here and here for the FREE printables!  Just print it out on card stock, cut, and hide!

Step by Step

  1. Print and cut the clues.
  2. Place the first clue in the child’s easter basket.
  3. Hide a prize with the next clue in each spot.
  4. Place the large Mickey card with the final and biggest prize.
  5. Squeal with glee as your child finds each clue on Easter morning!

Bring a little Disney to your Easter celebration! Get your FREE printable for a Disney themed Easter hunt ASAP! This fun will entertain kids and delight adults too. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks to our contributor, Mandee M., for this hoppin’ good post!